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The Philippine Tariff Finder Facility

The Philippine Tariff Finder (PTF) was developed by the Tariff Commission (TC) as an online frontline service to facilitate the public’s need for quick and accurate information on Philippine tariff rates. Available free of charge and requiring only Internet connection, this facility houses all tariff schedules of the Philippines and enables the user to find Philippine tariff rates on specific products simply by typing in keywords or Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Harmonized Tariff Nomenclature (or AHTN) Codes. The PTF was included in the Statement of President Benigno S. Aquino III for the 23rd ASEAN Summit.

Launched in 2013, on the 60th anniversary year of TC, the PTF has been enhanced and now provides applicable tariff rates and Rules of Origin pursuant to Free Trade Agreements entered into by the Philippines.

The Philippines currently maintains twelve (12) tariff schedules. An overview of each of these schedules can be found in the Tariff Schedules tab. The different acronyms and abbreviations which appear in the schedules, and their meanings, are catalogued in the Acronyms tab for easy reference. The tab also compiles the footnotes appearing in the schedules.

The AHTN tab gives an overview of the commodity nomenclature used by the Philippines and the nine other Member States of the ASEAN. The Rules of Origin tab links to a TC Primer on the criteria for determining the country of origin of a product.

To make the search process easier, whether by keyword or by AHTN 2022 Code, please refer to the AHTN 2022 Tariff Book tab. You can also click on the E-Manual on Classification tab for basic information on the tariff classification of goods.

Please click here for step-by-step instructions on how to use the PTF.

For complete and authoritative information on the tariff classification of commodities, and their applicable rates of duty under the various tariff schedules of the Philippines, please email us at these accounts: [email protected] or [email protected]. You may also get in touch with the Commodities Studies Division at (02) 8926-8731 or at Viber number 0949-118-3891. Our fax number is (02) 8921-7960.

We appreciate feedback so do please email, text, or call us up with your suggestions. Our objective is to continuously improve the usefulness of the facility.

The PTF was developed in partnership with the Information and Communications Technology Office – National Computer Center of the Department of Science and Technology. Its enhancement was in collaboration with the Bureau of Customs with support from the United States Agency for International Development.

The PTF logo was designed by Engineer Kenneth C. Leonardo of TC.