ASEAN-Hong Kong, China Free Trade Agreement (AHKFTA)


The Agreement establishing the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) – Hong Kong, China Free Trade Area (Agreement) was signed by the Economic Ministers of the ASEAN Member States (AMS) and the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development of Hong Kong, China on 12 November 2017 at the sidelines of the 31st ASEAN Summit in Manila, Philippines.

Implementing Executive Orders

The Following Executive Order (EO) implements the Philippines’ tariff commitments under the AHKFTA:

E.O. 102 (s. 2020) modifying the rates of import duty on certain imported articles in order to implement the Philippine tariff commitments pursuant to the free trade agreement between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Hong Kong, China.

Date of Full Implementation


Overview of Tariff Commitments

The AMS have agreed to eliminate/reduce their customs duties on imports of goods originating from Hong Kong, China. AMS’ tariff reduction commitments cover different kinds of commodities, including jewelry, articles of apparel and clothing accessories, watches and clocks, and toys.

Details of tariff reduction commitments of each AMS and Hong Kong, China are set out in the Schedules of Tariff Commitments in Annex 2-1 of the FTA.

See Chapter 2 (Trade in Goods) of the Agreement.